Notes Filter Extension

When you have long term customers, you end up with a lot of notes. How can you find that important note you added back in 2016? Our extension solves that problem. It allows you to search through all notes on a lead/contact/account/potential (we can set it up for custom modules too) and even tag notes to make them easier to find.

Get your hands on it for just $5/month (enables access for every user in the CRM).


Install the extension from zoho marketplace.

Searching for Notes

Scroll down to the Notes Filter section and use the searchbar to search.

Showing the searching process in the extension

Adding Tags

To add tags, first go to the Note Tags module and add the possible tags there. After doing that, you can tag a note by pressing # when adding/editing a note and the available tags will display.

Showing the Note Tags module
Shows the tag filter in action

Add New Notes

You can add new notes either in the normal notes section or in the Notes Filter section.

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