Deluge On a Luge

Deluge On a Luge is a Zoho Plugin development group headed by Jeremy Nagel who has more than 10 years experience in Zoho development. Our goal is to make extensions for Zoho CRM that make a great product even better.

Advanced Notes Filter Extension

The Advanced Notes Filter Extension allows you to tag and search through notes on a lead/contact/account/potential. Handy if you have a lot of notes!

Smooth Messenger SMS Extension

Our Smooth Messenger SMS extension allows you to send and receive SMS messages from within Zoho CRM

Get In Touch

Want help or have an idea? Contact us at [email protected]

Privacy Policy

All of your data stays in your CRM. We don't have access to any of it unless you give us the password to your CRM for debugging purposes. For the Twilio extension, your SMS messages are obviously shared with Twilio. We also do have logging in place to let us know if there are major errors. These logs do not contain any of your sensitive data (just the email address of the admin to allow us to contact you to help fix it). For the same information in legalese, see our official Privacy Policy

Terms of Use

Use the extensions however you'd like. We do charge money to use them because otherwise we can't invest time in making them better. We have a full time developer working on them and your support (both financial and ideas) will allow us to keep making the extensions better. For the same information in legalese, click here